10ft uno pedali kayak


Product Description: 10ft Single Pedal Kayak can not only move by oars, but also move forward by a pedal system. Standard Parts: 1*Deluxe aluminum seat 1*Flush mount rod holder 1*Pedal system 1*Rudder System 2*Hatch covers 4*Side/front/rear hand...

  • Model: CA-XV
  • Name: PISTRIS I
  • Magnitudine: MMMCLX x 373mm x DCCCLXIII
  • Material: LLDPE / VIII gradus UV resistant
  • VULA / Magis Zephyrus quam Aquilo: 40kgs / 39kgs
  • Suspendisse: III annis in puppi
  • Quantitate pondus: 180kgs / 397lbs
  • Loading urna / 20ft, 33pcs huius kayak
  • Loading urna / 40hq: 68pcs huius kayak
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    Product Description:
    10ft Una potest movere Pedal Kayak remis sed longius a pedali lectus.
    Latin partes:
    Ludo aluminium sedes I *
    I * virga SUBVOLO montis possessor
    I ratio Pedal *
    I * Clavum Ratio
    II * cod operit
    IV * Latus / ante / tergo handles
    I * Cup possessor
    I * custodem REMUS
    VIII Scupper Foro *
    I * Nigrum bungee, etc.
    Socius photos, 
    242526 22
    Payment & Delivery:
    Payment Terms: A) XXX% depositum T / T ante LXX% statera in exemplum BL;
    B) C% T / T pre ad ordines sample.
    Delivery: a mari usque ad proximum portum in ad elit, in propria est subiectum ad ipsam.
    Factory Equipment:
    I Factory EquipmentII Factory EquipmentIII Factory Equipment
    Our Service:
    Service nostri
    Quod prices sunt?
    Q: Our prices are subject to change depending on actual mode of kayaks and quantity. We will send you an updated price list after your company contacts us for further information.
    Ut minimum tibi vis?
    Q: Yes, usually, our MOQ is one complete 20’ft or 40’HQ container. Of course, if you need one or more, it is acceptable for us. To know more details, please contact us.
    Potest autem emere kayaks varia in unum!
    Of course, just tell me the kayak types and quantity you need, and we will help you determine the final quantity through calculation.
    An accipere a mos est scriptor logo?
    Yes, we can print your LOGO on the hull of the kayaks.
    Quid color potest esse praesto?
    Q:Single colors and mix colors could be made.
    Quid facis in productum?
    Package Details: One layer bubble bag, one meter long cardboard at the bottom, and one layer plastic bag. Of course, we can also pack kayaks according to your requirement.
    Quod partum est tempore?
    Q: Lead time: 1-2 days for sample order, 7-10days per 20′ft container, and 10-15days per 40’ HQ container after getting deposit.
    Blue Quid eligere Oceani Kayak Factory ut elit?
    Altera muneris est available: Plus quam X annos experientia, optimus unus subsisto amet, servicia, tribus annis warantum kayak decurrere puppi, Pro dolor working servire tibi, aut subsidiis et post Technical venditio servicia.
    Et quomodo tu stabilis obsideri, superior productum qualis est?
    List series reprehendo fabricación excedit Kayaks obviam certa qualitas. Priusquam involvantur suus aqua fiat experimentum.
    Install reprehendo huiuscemodi pertinent, vasis reprehendo quod habeat, ut faciatis coram stipare. Faciens processus noster ad nos kayak aliquam vestibulum tria inconvenientia reprehendo.
    Suspendisse sit super Hull III annos, menses VI nam huiuscemodi pertinent et intra XXIV horas ad respondendum solve problems.

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